xpuris UVP - Ultraviolet Purifier

The XPURIS UVP process a mild and efficient way to remove pollutants in the off-gas and is especially suitable for large flowrate off-gases with VOCs in low-concentrations, say less than 250 mg/Nm3. In the UVP process we use special UV lamps that generate ozone which form hydroxyl radicals that attack and destroy both amines, ammonia, and VOCs. To avoid any excess ozone to enter the stack, we have added an ozone destruction catalyst after the UV lamps. This way you do not need to worry about air pollution anymore.

Ultraviolet Purifiers andor UVP Sytems

The ecological air purification, based upon the atmosphere’s natural processes.

"Nothing works as well as nature"

At XPURIS we know that space is costly in a production site. This is why we offer our solutions as compacted units. A UVP from XPURIS is compact, small, and light-weighted. The units are pre-assembled in our workshops and are pre-tested before shipment. The small size of the units allow even for roof-installation.

The off-gas from the production enters the air-cleaning UVP unit. No heating is needed as the UVP module operates at around ambient temperatures. Once the VOCs are in the UVP unit and meet the reactive hydroxyl radicals the cleaning occurs. The clean air contains traces of ozone which are completely removed in our special low-temperature ozone destruction catalyst. The clean air then exits the UVP module and goes to the stack.

UVP process description

A simple process flow diagram is shown below.

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Advantages of the UVP are

  1. Low energy consumption for treating off-gases with low-concentration of VOCs.
  2. No waste chemicals are generated.
  3. Low Pressurdrop and therefor very suitable for larger flowrates
  4. Option with electrical, non-fossil fuel consuming heating is available.
  5. Small and compact units which allows them to be placed close to the emission source.
  6. Pre-assembled and tested before shipment.
  7. Space saving.
  8. Short delivery time.