Rethinking exhaust air purification means creating the future. And securing the future.

Avoiding emissions as optimally as possible is a major challenge in foundries and in all industries. Good solutions not only meet regulatory requirements but always meet the high demands of economy and ecology, productivity and economic efficiency. In other words: Good solutions take your company to a new level in all respects.

xpuris has therefore specialized in low-emission production processes that combine both: best values in terms of air pollution control and best solutions for your company. We call this: Rethinking exhaust air purification.

Behind xpuris stands ASK Chemicals, thus we work closely together with the specialists of the parent company for all relevant questions and issues. So you benefit at least twice: We use the extensive experience and expertise of a renowned company and provide you with innovative solutions for your competitive advantage. Worldwide.

Our yardstick: Don’t be just innovative, be better.

We are not bound to specific products, systems or solutions, but freely choose the best: for what you really need and what gets you ahead.

You can measure us by these guidelines in everything we do.

 As a company of the ASK Group, xpuris is at home in the world of foundries, so it knows and understands processes and problems very well. We know exactly which chemical substances may be used today and in the future, and which emissions are generated and how they can be reduced.

 As your partner and full-service provider, we are not just looking for a solution, but the best possible path for you. For this we select the right products on the market. For this we develop and produce our own products.

■ Our goal is future-proof solutions. That is why we not only think ahead and innovate, we always act in a finely tuned and result-oriented manner. Thus we integrate for you the best solutions with new and proven systems and know-how from other sectors. Custom-fit to your requirements, modular and expandable for tomorrow.

 We work hand-in-hand with selected partners to turn goals and ideas into real results and individual solutions. That’s how we understand precision work.

We do all we can for best solutions: 360° consulting, 100% implementation, 24/7 service.

As the emissaries of a world with fewer emissions, we want to rethink and find new solutions for exhaust air purification and thereby set new standards. That’s why we combine what characterizes innovative consultants, first-rate implementers and great general contractors:

■  You can not only trust us, you can rely on us.

■  We identify the problem and we identify ourselves with your company. We do this with conviction. And with passion for foundries.

■  You receive first-hand solutions, and we realize every project turnkey and one-stop.

■  We not only provide 24/7 service, but also maximum availability. That’s why we pay close attention to every small detail of every plant, even the largest ones. Knowing well that the details make the difference.

Satisfied customers are our top priority. They are the driving force to always be one step ahead.

We could also say that: We never give up. No matter how big a task is or how intractable a problem appears. We have already demonstrated this. And that’s also what we’re committed to in the future.

One reason why this is so: We take emission so to speak personally. Therefore, you can expect from anyone in our company 100% know-how, 100% commitment as well as 100%

You could also say that: We fulfill our promises and we do not talk about our projects.

But a recommendation from satisfied customers is the best reference for us.

What we can do for you today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: Talk to us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

xpuris GmbH
Zollhof 2a (Grand Bateau)
40221 Düsseldorf/Germany
Tel.: +49 211 30 212 300

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